June 2016

UCB's apprentices aim high to buck national trend

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UCB is bucking the national trend when it comes to improving the skill level of apprentices.

Statistics released by FE Week show that in 2013/14, just 20 per cent of adults on Level 2 apprenticeships were studying at a higher level than they had previously attained. At Level 3, the figure was 44 per cent.

Two years later, UCB is reversing that trend. Currently, 54 per cent of its Level 2 apprentices are studying at a higher level than they have already attained, and at Level 3 the figure is even more impressive at 84 per cent.

The University’s data for Higher Apprenticeships is equally positive. At Level 4, 100 per cent of students are advancing their skills; and at Level 5 the figure is 81 per cent.

FE Week’s findings were based on a report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which drew on research conducted with 3,500 apprentices aged 19 and over nationwide.  It formed the sixth annual survey into the previous attainment level of adult apprentices.

Paul Doherty, UCB’s Director of Student Employability, said: “It’s great to see our apprentices bucking the national trend and seizing the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills with UCB. We are constantly adding to our range of higher and degree apprenticeships, and we are keen to support more apprentices and employers to become more competitive by helping them take the next step in their learning.”

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