May 2015

UCB launches Varsity League

Read time: approx 1 mins

The UCB Student Guild arranged for a varsity to be held between Birmingham City University, Aston University and UCB, now known as the Varsity League.

Kurtis Lipman, Sports Officer for the UCB Guild of Students, suggested the idea to the other universities as a great opportunity to get some good inter-university competition going to mark a great end to the sporting calendar. Having not been involved in a Varsity League before, this suggestion was met with enthusiastic responses from both institutions

The Varsity League consisted of several categories: men’s and women’s football and hockey, rugby, netball and basketball, all held on campus at one of the universities. A total of 30 sports teams came together to compete for glory in the variety of tournaments on offer.

“I am very proud of the Varsity League,” says Kurtis. “Working closely with BCU and Aston University meant that UCB were able to trial the event to see if this was something that could be done every year. The day went incredibly smoothly, and everyone enjoyed themselves, so things are looking very positive.”

Overall, UCB played well, scooping first place in the netball and men’s football categories and securing solid second places in all other categories.

To celebrate the success of the day, an awards ceremony was hosted in a private room in Walkabout, with 250 people coming together to enjoy the evening.

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