March 2015

Sweet challenge for Culinary Arts Management students

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Third year Culinary Arts Management students have been getting in touch with their innerpâtissier to create delicious desserts as part of their Specialist Pastry Techniques option module. 

The students are challenged to research, develop and produce a plated dessert suitable for a modern culinary environment and must include three key elements: tempered chocolate, boiled sugar and fresh fruit. 

Eleny Minto, a student taking the module, said: “We get to be really creative and we’re given the freedom to really play around with recipes to develop our own signature dishes. 

“For my final product I am going to make a deconstructed black forest gateau, breaking down all the different elements and making it my own recipe.” 

With the increase of health awareness and diverse dietary requirements, students are asked to take a healthier approach to classical dessert production to reflect current industry developments and to consider the diverse range of allergens. 

Amy Houghton, another student studying Culinary Arts Management, said: “Specialist Pastry Techniques really focuses on developing your culinary skills – looking at important areas such as minimising wastage and looking at how to make desserts healthier, such as replacing ice cream with sorbet. I have decided on making a chocolate delice for my final product with praline and an orange sorbet. 

“Our products will be assessed on the elements that we choose to use as well as our methodology. We also develop a portfolio and pictures to support our decision-making and evaluation processes.” 

This module provides students with an introduction to all the essential areas of contemporary patisserie with a strong focus on experimental learning, creativity and attention to detail.

Chef lecturer and module leader Bernhard Schumacher

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