June 2010

Students Join Ride Across Britain

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From the 12th to the 20th of June a group of students from BSc and FdSc Sports Therapy courses accompanied by UCB lecturer Aaron Caseley, helped to support 650 cyclists taking part in the Deloitte Ride Across Britain from John O’Groats to Lands End which raised a staggering £315,000 for ParalympicsGB.

Departing from Birmingham for the 17 hour coach journey the 11 students were not entirely sure what to expect!

Upon arrival in John O’Groats the students helped the event staff; from staffing the signing-in desk to handing out riding shirts. The students then provided 'pre' and 'post' event sports therapy work to approximately 400 riders a day. The riders ranged from Olympians to people who had only picked a bike up 6 months before.

Everyone from UCB was tested by the sheer volume of people coming through for sports therapy work and with an illness sweeping the camp some of the students had to return home. The remaining 7 students and Aaron battled on to the end and with a quick visit from a further two students and 4 members of UCB staff Rob DiLeva, Lee Young, Tim Trevail and Hannah Boardman the students were given a morale boast and some assistance at one of the base camps to relieve their aching hands. The day ended with the staff giving the students and Aaron some much needed treatment.

The staff here at UCB are so proud of what the students; Delphine Clement, Rob Gipson, Wendy Jacobs, Katie Phillips, Angus Harvey-Smith and Sophie Carpenter, Sammy Thorsen, Sylene Finniken, Marc McCool, Jonny Winspeare, Shanelle Watts, Isaura Johnson, Joy Brown and UCB lecturer Aaron Caseley achieved.

Feedback we have received from riders has been extremely positive:

A massive thank you from us! You guys were truly amazing and we can’t thank you enough.

Just a quick word of thanks for an exceptional sports massage, you worked wonders on the quads of this grateful rider twice towards the end of the week. Very grateful for your help - I got through the ride in one piece and am still in pretty good shape. You and your team were a great credit to UCB and many riders, myself included, were extremely grateful for your unstinting work. Thanks and respect.

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