June 2018

Students consult top rugby team on marketing strategy

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A group of MSc Enterprise Management students has conducted an end-of-year project with a twist – helping to promote Coventry’s rugby team, the Coventry Bears, to the rest of the West Midlands.

As part of the group’s Integrated Marketing Communications module, students applied the principles of producing a full marketing plan for the respected sports team – as well as to the cause of promoting rugby as a whole.

Brimming with ideas, students bought a wealth of knowledge to the team based around viral and guerrilla advertising, increased sponsorship, competitions and special events. Working with a relatively low budget, the students also devised savvy, innovative methods ways to roll out major campaigns on YouTube and smartphone apps.

“Students were able to apply what they have learned on their course to the challenges faced in building attendance, revenues and brand image on a low budget where rugby is not so well known,” said module tutor Jeff Perry.

 “It was great to be able to think about and use knowledge on behalf of such a community-focused local organisation,” added Enterprise Management student Bernadette Murphy.

Such was the quality of students’ work that Alan Robinson, former Rugby League player and owner of the Coventry Bears, is now considering taking their projects forward to integrate into the club’s marketing strategy.

“The students have done an amazing job,” he said. “Marketing and development of the rugby league is never easy and I’m grateful they have taken the time to look at the challenges we face and come up with some new ideas to tackle them.”

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