June 2014

Postgraduate students are Friends of the Earth

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Students have demonstrated their digital flair and marketing talents by preparing PR examples and ‘getting green’ for Birmingham Friends of the Earth. 

MA Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism students have been looking at the ways in which the charity can promote itself as part of their Integrated Marketing Communications module. 

Friends of the Earth is a charitable organisation that campaigns on climate change, transport, local shops, planning, waste and recycling. In particular, it is looking at ways it can promote its multi-pronged campaign Let’s Get Moving. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about air pollution in Birmingham and encourage more people to start using economical modes of transport. 

The objective of the UCB students was to assess the ways Friends of the Earth Birmingham can boost its campaign by looking at its website, social media channels, reaching people in the city centre and any themes or branding which might help to further establish the cause. 

Small groups of students set up stands in the Atrium to make an exhibition to demonstrate the depth of their research. Representatives from the Birmingham branch of Friends of the Earth attended the exhibition to look at what angles the students had come up with. 

Emma Mafteiu, a student on the course, said: “It was a very interesting live project, and it was worth the time and effort putting together a marketing campaign in order to raise awareness and promote the ‘Let’s Get Moving’ campaign. We had to be creative, demonstrate digital applicability and also to know the demand of today’s generation. The challenge was to understand the client’s goals and budgeting. 

“The core of our marketing campaign was ‘Every hero can be an eco-hero’. Our PR was themed around the style of comic books and the idea of a fictional hero. In our marketing materials we suggested new ways of using visual imagery, new slogans, a creative and engaging newsletter, a new website and social media activities. The exhibition was a real success.” 

Julien Pritchard, volunteer for Birmingham Friends of the Earth, said: "We asked students to come up with ideas how Birmingham Friends of the Earth could expand our reach both generally as an organisation and specifically make more people aware of our Let's Get Moving campaign to tackle Birmingham's air pollution through greater investment in active transport.

 “We were happy to work with UCB students. They were very positive and enthusiastic, and came up with many ideas that have given us food for thought.”

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