February 2018

Portuguese culinary student's life at UCB makes news back home

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A Portuguese Culinary Arts Management student’s life and experiences at UCB has hit the newspapers back home, complete with a spotlight on his lecturer.

Gonçalo Machado, aged 18, was interviewed by Jornal das Caldas – a regional weekly for his home city of Caldas da Rainha in the west of the country – about why he chose to sought training abroad and what he is gaining at UCB.

Asked whether it was the opportunity for new experiences or gleaning indispensable knowledge for professional success, Gonçalo said he wanted to study at one of the “best universities in the world” for budding chefs.

“I saw an opportunity to continue my studies in the kitchen for which I have a great passion, realising a dream that I have had since I was little," said Gonçalo, who is in his first year of his degree at UCB. “Learning is very fast in both personal and professional terms, but this whole experience is very important for me and I feel more integrated with each passing day.”

He said he relished being able to gain invaluable work experience at UCB’s award-winning Atrium and Brasserie restaurants, both open to the public.

“We students cook, serve and receive customers, as well as do the entire accounting and cost control, preparing us for a real work scenario," he said. 

UCB chef lecturer David Hanlon was also interviewed for the article. When quizzed on why students chose UCB, he explained that CAM graduates had the tools to enter the job market with ability and professionalism. 

“The main qualities of being a good chef are the desire and energy to continue learning about the gastronomy and hospitality industry and to keep an open mind about an ever-changing industry,” he said.

“University College Birmingham is truly global and we welcome international students. A quarter of our students are from abroad and there are students from 65 countries, covering Europe, the Middle East, America, Africa and the Far East. I like to teach students from different cultures and countries as I learn a lot about their approach to different flavours, textures and combinations.

"The school also has an extensive aid programme including English language support for all students.”

Read the translated article in Jornal das Caldas in full here.

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