October 2017

Marion makes backstage theatre crew thanks to hired@UCB

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A former specialist hair and media make-up student has been invited to join the backstage crew at two theatres following successful placements set up by UCB’s employability service.

Marion Young is all geared up to work on the Chesil Theatre in Winchester’s production of The Venetian Twins and a production to be confirmed at the city’s Theatre Royal next spring.

The 19-year-old, who studied for a Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Media Make-up, said the experience she gained from the work placements organised by hired@UCB had given her the confidence to approach the theatres in her hometown.

These included a week working at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham, a placement which broadened her understanding of how she could effectively use her training behind the scenes.

“hired@UCB is one of the best things about UCB compared to other colleges I have attended,” she said. “It not only set up multiple opportunities for us students to work in the field, but also arranged for possible employers to talk to the students on a more personal level. 

“The week at The Crescent furthered my understanding of backstage environments and how quickly make-up and hair stylists have to work in order to deliver the actors to the stage on time. It also helped me further my ability to work to time constraints due to costume and make-up changes, whilst also giving me experience with the pressure the industry exerts due to the high expectations and how there is no time for mistakes to be made. It was inspiring and it certainly makes me want to continue on with theatre work. 

“My qualifications and experience through hired@UCB has certainly helped me with future employers as most people have been interested in my theatre work and all that it entailed.”

She said it was amazing to have work experience arranged as part of the course. “Not many colleges now set up relevant work placements so students understand the industry they're going into,” she said. “My placements were always enjoyable and very well planned out, and there were also updates and events almost every weekend that we could volunteer for.” 

Overall, Marion said during her year at UCB, she was given outstanding tutorage and learnt many techniques and skills that would help her in any theatre job she pursued.

“My tutor, Chloe Lutwyche, was an outstanding teacher as she always made sure we understood the techniques before allowing us to practise them, and she was always on hand with advice when one of my class was struggling,” she said. “She was also an incredible personal mentor as she was always kind and considerate to my problems and worries. 

“UCB is an incredible place to learn because, not only are the courses diverse and varied, but the teaching styles and atmosphere is too. Every staff member I interacted with was always kind and helpful, trying to do the best for their students, even when they weren't in their class.” 

Find out how you can benefit from the services at hired@UCB.

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