February 2017

Hard work pays off for brave Kate

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UCB student Kate Benton is rapidly making a name for herself in the hairdressing industry after fighting back from illness.

During the week Kate, from Erdington, is a student on UCB’s Level 3 Hairdressing course. But when lessons are over, the 24-year-old spends her time creating stunning hairstyles for fashion shows and photo shoots, and has even worked on a music video.

Brave Kate, a former Streetly Academy pupil, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 11. The condition, which causes inflammation of the digestive system lining, forced her to suspend her studies while she underwent surgery. But Kate has come back fighting and is determined to finish her course and progress onto UCB’s Specialist Hair and Media Make-Up top-up degree.

She said: “Life gets put on hold when my condition flares-up. I lose my appetite, lose weight, I feel nauseous and generally weak.  The pain can be really intense for months, it’s like a pack of piranhas are in my stomach.

“But I love my course and I feel like I’ve found my niche. I get a real buzz when I’m taking part in a photo shoot or working on a catwalk show.

“I now manage my own promotional website and social media channels. I’ve done a lot of work for free to get my name out there and to showcase my brand. But now I’m getting paid it’s a great feeling and it’s helping to fund my studies. My dream is to work as a freelance hair stylist for television and magazines.”

Photo credit: Photographs by Sian Ashleigh Photography

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