May 2017

Great start to the summer for NSS winners

Read time: approx 1 mins

Fifteen lucky students won big for taking part in the 2017 National Student Survey (NSS).

After 71% of UCB students completed the survey, submitting their views and opinions of UCB, the winners’ names were drawn at random and awarded prizes of £500 and £250.

Over 850 UCB students filled in the survey this year and the winners were surprised and excited when they heard the great news.

£500 winners

Helen Nicole Fisher

Molly Lees

Thomas Andrellis

Sergiu Mihai Birgau

Emma White

£250 winners

Jessie Wong

Madiha Khusar

Nurain Suraya Binti Zulkifli

Priya Pal

Daniela Natalia Joaquim Rodrigues

Leteisha Hall

Jade Marie Bird

Dalia Afroz

Carlos Manuel Freitas Pereira De Matos

Nur Harirah Binti Sulia

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