June 2017

Give it up for UCB's further education students!

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UCB’s Level 3 students and apprentices descended on Birmingham Town Hall to celebrate the completion of their courses, with 11 students also receiving special recognition.

The event, which toasts UCB’s further education students’ hard work and achievements, also incorporated the Outstanding Awards, presented to a few stand-out learners.

This year’s winners were Sean Mckeown, Tom Williamson, Jorge Andres De Nobrega Vieira, Naomi Hill, Brandon Compton, Arkaddiusz Klamann, Harry Shore and Areejah Mahmood.

The occasion also incorporated UCB’s FE Memorial Awards, with Ammarah Hussain and Valentina Sabau receiving the John Slaughter Award and Taylor Williams Murphy, the Helen Betteridge Award, for outstanding commitment and overcoming obstacles to study.

Bakery lecturer Wayne Gillam also received his Spotlight on Great Teaching Award.

UCB’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor Alex Lofthouse, who welcomed friends and family before handing over to Vice-Chancellor & Principal Ray Linforth for the presentations, said the annual event was a time for students to celebrate success with classmates and lecturers.

“Once again, it is my pleasure to be able to share in the success of our FE students and see the pride on the faces of the tremendous turn-out of families and friends gathered here to celebrate this milestone,” she said. “We were delighted to see so many students achieve top grades this year and wish everyone the very best for their future, whether they are progressing into higher education or venturing into the world of industry.”

After the ceremony, where commemorative photos were taken by a professional photographer, an after-party was held at Marmalade Bistro at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where students and guests could continue their merriment with a buffet and a DJ. 

Awards Gallery

Special Award winners:

The John Slaughter Memorial Award – Ammarah Hussain and Valentina Sabau

The Helen Betteridge Memorial Award – Taylor Williams-Murphy

FE Outstanding Students of the Year:

  • Education, Health and Community – Sean Mckeown
  • Sports and Creative Services – Tom Williamson
  • College of Food – Jorge Andres De Nobrega Vieira
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Events – Naomi Hill
  • English Student Award – Brandon Compton
  • Mathematics Student Award – Arkaddiusz Klamman
  • Apprentice of the Year – Harry Shore
  • Placement of the Year – Areejah Mahmood 
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