July 2017

French students become cream tea experts on jam-packed exchange

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More than 40 French students not only had the chance to improve their English during an exchange hosted by UCB, they also learnt the very British art of making a proper cream tea.

During three weeks of lectures, practical activities and trips, 42 students from the Centre Interprofessionnel de Formation des Commerces de l’Alimentation (CIFCA) were shown how to construct the quintessential favourite during a food development session in UCB’s sensory lab.

Ultimately, the cream tea was chosen as the basis for a poster campaign that the students - who are studying management back at the centre near Paris - had to put together at the end of the exchange to show how they would promote a British food concept in France.

To give them a bit of real market insight, the students were treated to a cream tea at the Edwardian Tea Rooms at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, visited shops that sell the scone and cuppa combo, and also attended the Colmore Row Food Festival near UCB’s campuses.

Simon Chatterton, lecturer at UCB’s Business School, said: “The jam-packed exchange was the ideal opportunity for students to improve their English, build their retail management skills and better understand modern English cuisine and product development.

“Helping the students work out ways to ‘sell’ the cream tea concept back in France, the exchange included lectures at the business school to help them develop their enterprises through marketing, branding, creative IT and food development skills.

“It was a fantastic three weeks and we hope the students gained a wealth of knowledge, all while enjoying the UCB experience and everything the wonderful city of Birmingham has to offer.”

The management course in France is roughly equivalent to an HND in the UK and students could, therefore, be eligible for a top-up course at UCB’s Business School.

Simon said he hoped that exchanges like this one would lead to further collaborations between UCB and the CIFCA. 

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