January 2020

Free sanitary products for University College Birmingham students to tackle period poverty

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University College Birmingham has pledged its commitment to tackling period poverty by providing free sanitary products across its campuses.

Following today’s announcement that the government will fund free sanitary protection for primary and secondary institutions if they opt in, the University will be funding the initiative itself to ensure every student across both college and degree courses has access to free tampons and pads.

Alex Lofthouse, University College Birmingham’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, said the initiative was designed to prevent students missing lessons and lectures because they didn’t have access to sanitary products at home and couldn’t afford to buy them.

“Having your period should absolutely not impact on your ability to be able to attend lessons and lectures, but, unfortunately, that is the case for many students across the UK, according to government figures,” she said.

“Sanitary products are not luxuries and we have introduced this scheme to lead the way in tackling period poverty and ensure students do not have to skip college or university because of something that is a perfectly natural part of life.

“Why should young women have this additional worry when they are working hard to gain a qualification and forge a successful career?”

To cater for the University’s diverse student population, free sanitary pads as well as tampons are available in toilet facilities across the campuses, Summer Row, McIntyre House and Richmond House, and at The Link support services building. The same will apply to Moss House when it opens this month.

Staff also have access to the free products.

Find out more about University College Birmingham’s health and wellbeing services.

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