January 2014

Chefs at UCB go back to school!

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UCB Chef Lecturers Neil Rippington and Mathew Shropshall are going back to school to take part in Family Food Appreciation Workshops.

The Craft Guild of Chefs and the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) are running a series of workshops to promote healthy eating in schools and at home. One of the main ideas for the project is to bring kids and their families together in the kitchen, learning to cook and prepare tasty meals – and having lots of fun in the process! The most recent workshop was held in South Bromsgrove High School in Worcester on Thursday 23rd January.

Neil and Mathew will be helping to bring families closer together as they cook main meals and desserts together. Teachers will also be put to the test as they take part to show off their own culinary skills!

Chef Shropshall said “Being involved with the Craft Guild of Chefs Food Appreciation workshops is brilliant. Supporting school children and their parents in the production of seasonal dishes is a joy to watch and to be involved with – the interest and enthusiasm is amazing!”

Everyone who takes part will be taking away suggested recipes that are time and cost-effective, nutritionally balanced and allergen-aware. They are also provided with information on basic food hygiene and health and safety. But above all, the workshops hope that parents and children have fun together making delicious food!

Chef Rippington said “The workshop was a great success. The parent and child teams were all successful in producing tasty dishes on time and they all seemed thrilled with their results. Books signed by chefs James Martin and Cyrus Todiwala were given out to the producers of the tastiest dishes and the ones who kept their kitchen space the most hygienic. Everyone involved is looking forward to the next seasonal workshop in the Spring."

The next workshop they will be attending will be at Blossomfield Infant School in Solihull on Wednesday 5th February.


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