January 2014

Bakery wins big at NEC Salon Display

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Bakery students attended The Hospitality Show in the NEC to participate in the Salon Display competition, where bakery professionals showcase works of art made from marzipan, sugar craft, pastillage, chocolate and bread. 

The students submitted a range of speciality cakes and sugar craft flower arrangements to be judged on their creativity, technique and appearance. By the end of the three day competition the students had scooped a clutch of awards, including five Silver Awards, three Bronze and a Merit. 

“It took four weeks to put together my cake,” said Nikesia John, whose carousel-shaped cake won a Silver Award. “I really enjoyed the process, but my favourite part was putting it all together and seeing the finished product.” 

I am always amazed to see what the students produce – they’re simply brilliant, always developing something new and innovative. They really enjoyed participating in the competition and worked really hard on their creations.

Dawn Gemmell Head of Bakery

Below is a list of students who won awards in categories at the Salon Display:

Decorated Celebration Cake

Nikesia John – Silver Award (1st in Class)

Nathan Harrison – Silver Award

Jasmine Gordon – Silver Award

Krittiya Thonkhonburee – Participation Award

Imani Hamilton – Participation Award

Floral Sugar Craft

Elizabeth Fiducia – Silver Award (1st in Class)

Danielle Brennan – Bronze Award

Alex Carr – Bronze Award

Neeshi Ubhi – Merit Award

Artisan Bread

William Bowen – Silver (1st in Class)

Jasmine Gordon – Bronze Award

Emily Hughes – Participation Award 

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