June 2014

100% pass rate for Beauty Therapy

Read time: approx 1 mins

Beauty Therapy students are celebrating their success after every one of them passed their assessment on beauty treatments. 

Level 3 Advanced Beauty Therapy students were assessed by specialist examination board ITEC. They were assessed on a range of face and body treatments, including electrotherapy, body massages, body wraps and epilation. The treatments were performed on spa clients who volunteered to participate for the assessment. 

The students were graded on a range of criteria, including their overall appearance, client care, hygiene, general performance and their after-care and home care. Every student was given a grade of at least 60%, which is the minimum requirement for achieving a pass rate. Out of the 22 students 19 of them received ‘Merit’ grade, meaning they achieved a result percentage of at least 75%. 

The students worked very hard for this assessment and I am pleased with not only their skill, but also their level of professionalism. They have done the University proud.

Kirsty Tudor Beauty Therapy lecturer

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