March 2014

100% pass has students cheering

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Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education students are celebrating because they have all passed their research task. 

All 63 students, who have been working on this task since September last year, cheered when their lecturers gathered them together to reveal their excellent results on Wednesday 19 March – meaning that a 100% pass rate was achieved. 

One particular student was overjoyed with the outstanding ‘A’ grade she achieved – Sarina Maryum. “I worked really hard to make sure that I covered all the required criteria,” she said. “I did a lot of my own research around the project and spent a lot of time reading and looking on the Internet. I also made sure that my points were always strongly supported by references. The Academic Skills Centre at UCB helped me proofread my work and made sure it was well-structured and met the required criteria.” 

The research task is a major part of the students’ assessment process during their final year of the Diploma in Child Care and Education Level 3. The students were required to complete a 5,000 word research paper based on how childcare practitioners plan and meet the care and learning needs of children. They have to link their academic learning to their placement experience as well as applying elements of theory to their work.

All the staff in the School of Education and Community are very proud of the students as they have all worked so hard. It clearly shows that they have gained so much knowledge and understanding during their two years of study.

Jo Matthews Diploma of Childcare and Education Level 3 Programme Manager

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