STATEMENT: Important information and advice on coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs for applicants, students, staff and parents

This page is being regularly updated to reflect the latest advice from the  Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) World Health Organisation (WHO)  Public Health England (PHE). We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact to reassure our students and staff and help everyone stay as informed and as safe as possible.

Updated 24/03/20

In response to the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday evening - Monday 23rd March, our campuses are now closed.

Please ensure you utilise all online resources available. Staff are contactable via email and phone, so please feel free to contact us as normal, but from a distance at home. We are still available remotely to assist you and offer any support you need.

Cambrian Hall & The Maltings will remain open and we'll continue to communicate with residents.

Please take care and continue to follow Public Health England & government guidelines. Stay home & stay safe.  

We will keep you updated of any changes. 


The University is currently operating as normal, but will shortly be implementing a new set of actions to keep our communities healthy by reducing potential exposure to coronavirus, in particular reducing large gatherings. UCB will remain open but we will be organising some of our core activities differently. We have been putting plans in place to ensure that the University is well prepared and that key services continue to operate.

The FAQs below provide general information on travel and self-isolation, health and hygiene, and attending University. 

If you are looking for general information on the Novel coronavirus (Covid-19), visit the NHS online guide.

General questions for students, staff and parents

What is coronavirus (COVID-19)?
What is the current risk to the UK from the coronavirus (COVID-19)? 
What are the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)?
How is coronavirus (COVID-19) spread?
What is the University doing about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
How will campus operations be restricted?
What is the University doing to ensure the campus is kept clean and follows strict hygiene principles to reduce the risk of COVID-19?
How do I keep updated about the latest information from the University on coronavirus (COVID-19)?
I am concerned about a family member/friend/flatmate/colleague who is currently in the UK and may have coronavirus – what should I do?
What will happen about my exams? (home, EU and international HE students)

Questions for travellers returning to the UK

I have recently returned to the UK from overseas and I am not feeling well – what do I need to do?

Questions for students in the UK

Should I be attending classes, lectures and other events at the University?
I have been advised to self-isolate or stay at home – what do I need to do, and how will my studies be affected?
I am an international student with a Tier 4 visa and have been advised by the NHS to self-isolate. How will my visa be affected?
I am an international student and my visa to remain in the UK is due to expire – what should I do?
What will happen to my teaching, dissertation and assessments if the campus is closed or I leave early?
How will my exams be affected? (College students)
I am a final year student – will I still be able to graduate?
Will I be penalised if I am not able to meet submission deadlines?

Questions for students on placements

I am on placement and my employer has told me not to attend work – what should I do?
I am an FE student on placement – do I still need to attend?
I am a student who is on placement within a clinical setting in the NHS – what advice should I follow?
I am currently on my year abroad – should I come home from my year abroad placement?
What should I do about self-isolation upon returning to the UK or to my home country?
I am due to start a placement this summer – will this go ahead?
I am an FE student who has been selected for the Erasmus+ work experience programme – will this be happening?
Will I be required to continue on placement when the University is closed for teaching?

Questions for students living in University accommodation

Who can I talk to about accommodation?
I need to self-isolate – how do I report this and who do I need to contact?
If I experience any maintenance issues within my accommodation, can these still be fixed?
I will be leaving my room early – will I still be able to leave my belongings there?

Questions for UK applicants

I am due to attend an open day/applicant day on campus – is this still going ahead?

Questions for international applicants

I have applied (or wish to apply) for a pre-sessional English language course but I may not arrive in time for the start date – could I still join at a later date?
I have been unable to book an IELTS or TOEFL test – does the University consider other English language tests?

Questions for staff members

I have been diagnosed with or am being tested for Covid-19 (coronavirus) – how should I inform my line manager?
I am a member of university staff and I have been told by the NHS to self-isolate, who do I need to tell?
Will I be eligible for sick pay whilst I am self-isolating?
Do I have to provide a sick note (fit note) if I have Covid-19 or if I am advised to selfisolate?
What happens if the University has to temporarily close due to COVID- 19?
What action do we take now if someone has a family member displaying flu symptoms?
What if I am the main carer or parent of a dependent who is ill with Coronavirus?
My local school has been closed and I need to take time off to care for dependents?
Am I able to work from home during the self-isolation period?
I rely on public transport to get to work and this has ceased as a result of coronavirus and I can’t get to work.
If a colleague I work with has to self-isolate, what does this mean for me and my other work colleagues?


Questions for University College Birmingham customers

Will the University restaurants remain open?
Will Cakes and Bakes remain open and accessible?
Will the spa, hairdressing and sports therapy clinics remain open?