High flyers reunite at UCB 20 years after leaving

October 2016

Two former UCB students whose lives have taken them in fascinating directions travelled from their homes in Europe to be reunited in Birmingham.

Heidi Davidsen Moss, from Norway, and Sanne Geurtsen, from The Netherlands, met and became friends in 1996 while studying Tourism Management at what was then Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies.

Earlier this month the pair were delighted to retrace their steps in order to share their memories.

Heidi, who now manages all national marketing for Burger King in Norway, said her time at UCB had been invaluable. She said: “Although I don’t work directly with tourism, the business part of the course and subjects like operations management have given me support to get through hectic days of I don’t know how many small and big progects I have going on at all times.

“Being abroad and studying gave me an opportunity to learn about different cultures and people which is also a unique experience that I appreciate even today. And as I manage a global brand, having learned to speak and write English has been very important as we have weekly international skype meetings and I travel a lot, where language otherwise could have been a barrier.”

Sanne, who runs her own cookery company called MamaSan and has an Indonesian cookbook due for publication next year, added: “Every day I still use a lot of the service and experience concepts which were taught in class back then. I am still very grateful for the wonderful time we had at UCB. It taught us international students, besides the lessons from the course, how to be independent and self-sufficient.”