Trophies galore for UCB's star bakers

June 2016

UCB brought home a huge trophy haul after sweeping the board at one of the bakery industry’s biggest events.

The annual conference of the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) saw bakery students from across the UK competing at the Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire.

UCB enjoyed widespread success at this year’s event, which was held on June 11, with students achieving first place in more than 10 categories, as well as plenty of second and third places.

Dawn Gemmell, Assistant Dean of UCB’s College of Food, said it was one of the College’s biggest successes.

Among the winners was 19-year-old Amani Mohammed, a former pupil at Selly Park Girls’ School. Her carefully crafted Swiss Roll won the Novice Cup and earned her a trip to the German headquarters of bakery manufacturer Ireks.  Amani, who has recently accepted a job at Hyatt Regency Birmingham, said: “I’m so proud. This was my final year at UCB, I’ve learnt so much. I’m really sad to be leaving but excited about working in the pastry section at the Hyatt.”

Fellow Level 3 Bakery student Isabella Calmiano, a former pupil of Bristnall Hall Academy in Oldbury, secured second place in the sugar craft competition with her intricate design based on a colourful floral spray.

The 18-year-old said: “I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved; the sugar craft standard is always so high.”


The full round-up of UCB’s success: 

The Bakery Trainee Challenge

Jessica Dalton 1st Place

Hannah Bradbury 2nd Place


The Horton Trophy

Emily Hughes 2nd Place


The Founders Cup

UCB ‘A’ Squad 1st Place

Jessica Dalton Best Battenburg


The Presidents Cup

Will Leet 1st Place

Leandra Molina 2nd Place


The Novices Cup

Amani Mohammed 1st Place


Slattery Trophy

Jessica Dalton 3rd Place


Carved Novelty Cake

Bethany Swift 2nd Place


The Goldex Cup

Isabella Calmiano 2nd Place


Callebaut Chocolates

Lindsey Gallagher 3rd Place


Shortbread Class

Sonia Hopkins 1st Place

Shanice Robinson 3rd Place


Rank Hovis Cup

William Bowen 2nd Place (Originals)


The Masters Cup

Emily Hughes 1st Place

William Bowen 2nd Place

Emily Hughes Best Plait

William Bowen Best Wholemeal Tin


The British Society of Baking Trophy

Kristian Hillis 1st Place


The Sourdough Challenge

Leandra Molina 2nd Place


The Warburton’s Challenge Trophy

Sonia Hopkins 2nd Place


The Mandy Mansell Trophy

Sonia Hopkins 1st Place

Rebecca Turvey 2nd Place

Amani Mohammed 3rd Place


Best Overall Fermented Product

Rebecca Turvey


The Innovation Trophy

Katrina Gaunt 1st Place

Watanya Thaklaepun 3rd Place


The Victory Challenge Trophy

Katrina Gaunt 3rd Place


The Wrights Trophy

Connor Scott 1st Place

Kirsty Day 2st Place