June 2020

Viki’s Student Story

By Viki Martin

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Viki Martin

Childhood Education Studies BA (Hons) (Online)

Nursery practitioner and child development specialist

Choosing distance learning through University College Birmingham, Viki was able to work full-time as a nursery practitioner and spend quality time with her daughter and family.

Prior to her degree, Viki had been working in childcare for over 10 years and opting to study alongside her work meant she was always up-to-date with the latest knowledge and approaches.

Completing her course, she is now experienced in creating education health care plans, liaising with professionals including occupational and educational advisors and speech and language therapists, and cohort tracking, looking at patterns in learning to aid child development.

Viki, who also has gained expertise in placing social services referrals, said anyone considering following her path should go for it.

“Although distance learning may feel somewhat ‘distant’, so to speak, I always felt I had support on hand exactly when and where I needed it,” she said. “We had student groups for discussion and my tutor was above and beyond supportive and motivating.

“Since completing my studies, I have undertaken numerous distance learning short courses and gained volunteering experience in a primary school. It is this age range and area of education I wish to pursue next and I am now considering Early Years Teacher Status.”


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