March 2021

Ibukunola's Story

By Ibukunola Ajimokunola

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Ibukunola Ajimokunola 

PGCE Primary Education QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

Ready to teach round the world

Ibukunola’s goal has always been to become an exceptional teacher. 

His MA in Education and Learning at University College Birmingham started this journey, equipping him with the theoretical aspects of education.  

The next step was gaining his PGCE, building the practical side of being a teacher. 

Completing his PGCE this year, he is currently working as a supply teacher in primary schools, with ambitious plans in the pipeline. 

“I am looking forward to gathering enough experience, teach in other parts of the world and finally establishing my own school in the future,” he said. 

Gaining real work experience during both his MA and PGCE was crucial and his placement tutor at the University helped him find his feet and meet his needs as an international student.  

“During my first placement, there were times my tutor was on the phone, making video calls with me and sending me emails at night, giving me tips and ideas for my lesson plan,” said Ibukunola, who was also helped by the University to secure work as a children’s sports specialist with Birmingham’s Oasis Academy Hobmoor.  

“With their support, I finished well, and then my second placement at Ocker Hill Infant School, which the University found for me, was fantastic. 

“During the pandemic, lecturers were accessible at all times to discuss your worries and assignment support was there through videos and examples. They also organised online, pop-up social activities. Overall, the support I received to become the exceptionally qualified teacher I am now was top-notch.” 

Getting to live in Birmingham was also a bonus. “I met lots of different people from diverse cultures, who have now become lifetime friends,” he said. 

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