April 2020

Favour’s Story

By Favour Okosun

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Favour Okosun

Childhood Studies (BA) Hons

Teacher in training

Favour is on her way to fulfilling her dream to become a teacher after laying the foundations for a career working with children at University College Birmingham.

It was only after starting a PGCE at the University the year she graduated that she discovered just how indispensable her undergraduate degree was.

“From the first week, it was apparent that having studied Childhood Studies, my theoretical and practical knowledge was drastically ahead of those who had not studied the course,” she said.

“I could apply my previous knowledge, building upon this with a deeper understanding, while thinking more critically.”

Her degree not only gave her vital knowledge and practical training, but allowed her to gain additional skills from free enrichment opportunities offered by the University.  

These included training in First Aid and Makaton, a signing technique to help children with verbal communication difficulties.

She also completed an optional placement at a school in her third year.

“As I knew that I would be starting my PGCE in the September, this was very beneficial. Instead of writing an essay, we had to write a reflective review on aspects of the placement, a good life skill to have, irrespective of taking a degree or not.”

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