June 2020

Esther’s Story

By Esther Cooper

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Esther Cooper

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) 

Taking teaching to the next level

Already armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience of working in schools, Esther found the Assessment Only Route an ideal pathway to Qualified Teacher Status.

Having been working at her current school for nearly 10 years before her postgraduate course at University College Birmingham, Esther was able to take the next step in her teaching career within just 12 weeks.

"It has helped me greatly as I can now take on a subject to lead," she said. "I love my job and was so glad to have the opportunity to do the Assessment Only Route as I already had the knowledge and the experience, so this gave me the qualification to go with it."

Now teaching year 3 pupils, Esther revealed how she had been supported throughout her course.

"My tutor was positive and gave me constructive criticism when coming to observe my lessons," she explained. "She said she could see me in a leadership role, which gave me confidence.

"I got a wealth of support from my mentor," she added. "Because you are observed weekly for three months, you are improving your teaching every week and getting used to a job where you’ll always have to reflect and move forward."

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