November 2020

Marc’s Story

By Marc Brady

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Marc Brady

Course lecturer

Marc's career within the sports industry has spanned over 20 years. From working for professional football clubs and a national sports centre to operating within the university sports sector, he has gained extensive experience in a variety of management roles.

With a bachelor's degree in Sports Management and a master's in Business Administration, Marc has also undertaken academic research on change management processes within the university sector and fan engagement in the football industry, while he has visited stadiums and academies across Europe to further extend his knowledge.

Here's what he had to say about the benefits of studying on University College Birmingham's Football Business Management foundation degree:

“This course offers you the opportunity to develop an understanding of core business functions with direct access to a professional football club,” he said.

“You will develop an understanding of football as a business and apply management concepts and theories to real industry scenarios and situations.

“The unique combination of business, finance and marketing knowledge gained from this course will set you on your journey to become a leader in the football industry.”

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