March 2024

Malaika's Story

By Malaika Eparh

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Malaika Eparh

Malaika Eparh is a seasoned specialist community public health nurse and independent prescriber, who now serves as a senior lecturer and community specialist practice programme lead at University College Birmingham.

Malaika's journey into public health began amidst the urgent hustle and bustle of paediatric Accident and Emergency, where she witnessed preventable health issues causing distress to her paediatric patients, imprinting adverse childhood experiences in hospital. It was this experience that ignited her passion for preventive healthcare and health promotion. Her path took her to a tropical diseases ward in London, Great Ormond Street where she encountered the stark reality of health disparities among vulnerable communities, with additional language barriers and cultural complexity. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic only intensified her commitment to public health as she navigated the complex needs of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, advocating for their holistic well-being. Malaika's dedication extends beyond clinical practice; she also chaired the Race Equality and Cultural Heritage Staff Network, fostering cultural competence in healthcare delivery.

"Through my experiences, I have realised the critical intersection of policy, government initiatives, and public health outcomes."

Now at UCB, Malaika remains passionate about the significance of public health awareness across all nursing fields, advocating for policy change and leadership within the healthcare landscape.

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