March 2024

Chris's Story

By Dr Chris Higton

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Dr Chris Higton

Psychology Teaching and Learning Technician

Chris is passionate about the profound versatility of Psychology and has witnessed the transformative power support in this field can bring. 

"As a practitioner with a deep interest in both psychology and health, I am passionate about the profound versatility of this field and its impact at all levels – from individual care to societal change. My career has been enriched by experiences such as working directly with individuals in drug and alcohol services, witnessing the transformative power of psychological support. Additionally, I've contributed to the training of counsellors in an NHS trust, developing resilience-building interventions for healthcare professionals.

My involvement in research projects examining how people navigate the NHS and conducting service evaluations to enhance the quality of psychological support services further highlights the dynamic intersection of psychology and health. This field uniquely addresses challenges ranging from substance abuse to workplace mental health, underscoring the essence of integrating psychology with health practices. It's more than a profession; it's about making a meaningful difference, aiding personal recovery from addiction, or empowering healthcare professionals. My commitment to this field reflects the powerful potential of psychology and health working together to impact lives at every level – individually, in groups, and across communities."

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