Mark Godwin

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Head of Department

Academic qualifications

MSc Sport Science, BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Sciences


0121 604 1000


I joined UCB in September 2011 having held a number of lecturing positions and running my own business. I am a senior lecturer and responsible for teaching and learning for the department. In addition I am a module leader for Research for Sports Therapists (Level 5) and Sports Therapy Research Project (Level 6). I provide sport science support to a number of athletes, including 13 national and international swimmers.


Strength and Conditioning (Level 4); Research for Sports Therapists (Level 5); Sports Nutrition (Level 5); Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation (Level 6); Research Project (Level 6).

Research Interests and Scholarly activity

Development of muscular power. Applied physiology for strength or power athletes. Rehabilitation strategies for athletes. Publications: Godwin, M., Fernandes, J. and Twist, C. (2018). Effects of Variable Resistance Using Chains on Bench Throw Performance in Trained Rugby Players. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 32(4), pp.950-954. Godwin, M. and Foskett, L. (2018). Accelerated rehabilitation program for a lateral discoid meniscus of a professional soccer player. Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze Mediche, 177(10), pp.592-7. Matthews, J., Stanhope, E., Godwin, M., Holmes, M. and Artioli, G. (2018). The Magnitude of Rapid Weight Loss and Rapid Weight Gain in Combat Sport Athletes Preparing for Competition: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, pp.1-32. Godwin, M., S. (2015). Learning and teaching strategies for sports therapy: active learning. Journal of Sports Therapy. 7(1). Godwin, M., S. (2007). The warm up. RFU Technical Journal, 1st Qtr. Godwin, M., S. (2007). Rugby games for understanding. RFU Technical Journal, 3rd Qtr. Godwin, M., S. (2006). Developing rugby athletes: Movement skills for youth and junior athletes. RFU Technical Journal, 1st Qtr. Godwin, M., S. (2006). Power development for youth and junior players. RFU Technical Journal, 2nd Qtr. Godwin, M., S. (2006). Muscular strength and endurance conditioning. RFU Technical Journal, 1st Qtr. Strength and conditioning for junior rugby players (CD) Strength and conditioning for RFU referees (DVD)

External engagements

Sport science support to national and international swimmers in Birmingham.

Department of Sport and Nutrition

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