Jack Chamberlain

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Ba (Hons) Hospitality and Events Management


0121 604 1000


I studied a Hospitality and Events Management degree at University College Birmingham, graduating with a BA (Hons) in 2020.

Alongside university I worked at Hickory's Smokehouse, starting as a server before being promoted into management. A year after this, I was promoted to Assistant and then onto Bar Manager, taking on the role of in store management coach in 2019.

With venues across the UK, I travelled a lot with Hickory's, watching the company grow and with it the training needs. In 2021 I became a management trainer, where I found my passion for training, development, and coaching people. In 2023, I decided to pass my knowledge onto the next generation, and began teaching food and beverage preparation back at University College Birmingham.


  • Level 1 Food and Beverage Service
  • Level 2 Food and Beverage Service

Research interests and scholarly activity

I am interested in food and beverage service improvements and management development within the industry, ensuring establishments can use processes to streamline work and be more efficient and effective in their practices.

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