July 2014

Workers boost their skills with Professional Development Diploma

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UCB has been working in partnership with the Pupil Support Service of Birmingham Local Authority to provide a Diploma in Professional Development (Special Educational Needs) for people working in the child education sector. 

The Diploma, taken on a part-time basis over the course of one academic year, has now been completed by the first group of ten students and a Celebration Event was held earlier this month in honour of their achievements. 

The event was held in the Chamberlain Room at the Birmingham Council House where students were presented with their certificates by Danielle Carey, UCB’s Dean of the School of Education and Community. 

The event was also attended by Alison Wilcox (Programme Manager); Heather Wood (Head of the Pupil Support Service of Birmingham Local Authority); Jeff Standley and Vicky Wynne from UCB and invited guests from the students’ schools. 

In order to finish the course, students completed three modules: Critical Approaches to Study, Introduction to Special Education Needs and Supporting Pupils with Special Education Needs in Literacy and Numeracy. 

Vicky Wynne, Senior Curriculum Leader for the School of Education and Community, said: “When the students started the course I could see that they were nervous and apprehensive, but they were eager to learn and had a real passion for working with children. 

“When they finished the course they were able to demonstrate their knowledge through their analytical and critical abilities. The students were a pleasure to work with and they thoroughly deserve their diplomas.” 

The students all agreed that the course had provided them with new ideas and strategies for working with children, and some of them are looking to continue their learning experience with UCB.

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