August 2023

University goes green with Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce’s Sustainable Business Series campaign 

By Carrie Mok

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University College Birmingham will be spearheading this year’s Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Sustainable Business Series, which supports businesses in their transition to net zero through the sharing of best practice, guidance and insight. 

The series will see events, webinars, blogs and more exploring topics such as sustainable cities, waste management, energy efficiency, the financial case for sustainability and understanding net zero during October before culminating in a conference in November. 

Raj Kandola, Director of External Affairs at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce commented: “We’re delighted University College Birmingham, a Patron of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, are headline sponsors of the Sustainable Business Series in 2023. 

“The Sustainable Business Series is the Chambers’ flagship campaign on environmental sustainability, aiming to share best practice, guidance and knowledge on the measures businesses can take, and the commercial benefits of, progressing to net zero. 

“It is vitally important that environmental sustainability and the transition to net zero remain at the top of the agenda for businesses across the region.  

“With the ongoing development of its new Sustainable Construction Skills Centre, it’s clear that the transition to net zero is at the heart of University College Birmingham’s strategic objectives for the years ahead and we are delighted that the Sustainable Business Series will help to showcase this vital project and the broader benefits it will bring to the region.” 

The Sustainable Construction Skills Centre is located in the former James Cond printworks in the centre of Birmingham, and will be home to courses that support growth areas within the region including sustainable construction methods and renewable energy. 

Deborah Bunce, Head of Sustainable Construction at University College Birmingham, said: “With our Ssustainable Cconstruction Sskills centre opening soon, we are excited to be able to drive positive change within the construction industry across a variety of courses from foundation Level 1 through to postgraduate Level 7 that explore retrofit technologies and reducing carbon footprint. 

“Sustainability is at the heart of our trainingcurriculum and our courses are enabling students to become industry-ready as well as upskilling those already in employment while addressing regional skills gaps.” 

The Centre is part of overa £160 million investment in University College Birmingham’s campuses and learning facilities, which includes McIntyre House and Moss House. 

Featuring photovoltaic solar panels, recycling stations, smart lighting, sensor and timer taps for minimising water waste, landscaped biodiverse courtyard and electrical vehicle charging points, both Moss House and McIntyre House are recipients of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) awards.  

The University also embeds sustainability within its daily operations, from working with suppliers to reduce carbon footprint to partnering with a local company to process our waste into energy that provides electricity to around 30,000 local homes. 

Ashlea Mallett, Sustainability Manager at University College Birmingham, added: “We’re delighted to be bringing our advancing knowledge on sustainable practices at University College Birmingham to more businesses with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. 

“Sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint are intrinsically linked with the future of our planet, and it’s fantastic to be able to share how our university and students are engaging in sustainable solutions within our region and our community.” 

Explore our sustainability practices at University College Birmingham or find out more about the regeneration of the Sustainable Construction Skills Centre 

Register for the Sustainable Business Series events and webinars here

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