June 2021

University backs council civic project to help city bounce back from Covid pandemic

By Darren Campbell

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University College Birmingham has teamed up with Birmingham City Council as part of a project to support local communities as the region recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. 

The University has committed to a range of projects in line with the Civic University scheme, working together to build relationships, provide investment and offer opportunities to help meet the needs of Birmingham and the wider Midlands region. 

Working with the City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), University College Birmingham has developed papers setting out our approach to local engagement, with a strong focus on providing citizens with the chance to participate in learning, build skills and make an impact on the city's economic and social recovery from the effects of Covid-19. 

"We are confident these projects will make a lasting and worthwhile contribution to the Council's strategic plan and provide a significant boost to the region's recovery"

Professor Michael Harkin Vice-Chancellor and Principal

The University's strategic plan also seeks to make a sustained contribution to the development of innovation and confidence in the region, as well as setting sustainability targets and enhancing opportunities for knowledge exchange within business and industry. 

Professor Michael Harkin, Vice-Chancellor and Principal at University College Birmingham, said: "We are delighted to be part of this project with Birmingham City Council and the WMCA. 

"University College Birmingham has established itself as a socially responsible civic partner within the city, and we believe this is reflected in our mission statement to widen participation in education and maintain a learning community that meets the needs of our students, the economy and society at large. 

"We are engaged in a range of new and ongoing projects in support of the city of Birmingham, focusing on key areas such as tourism, developing digital infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality and supporting entrepreneurship. We are also committed to enhancing employability, driving sustainability, supporting on nutrition and wellbeing, contributing to local school trusts and improving progression into higher education. 

"We are confident these projects will make a lasting and worthwhile contribution to the Council's strategic plan and provide a significant boost to the region's recovery from the Covid pandemic." 

University College Birmingham has established itself as a leading provider of specialist vocational training with a strong commitment to supporting wider participation in education within the local community. 

Over half of our students are from the West Midlands region with 40% from Birmingham, while our diverse student population mirrors that of the city with 52% from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. 

Around a third of our higher education students also go on to work within the city, while more than two thirds of our staff at the University are employed from within the Birmingham area. 

Find out more about University College Birmingham, our mission statement and history on our About Us page

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