May 2015

UCB students receive a masterclass on large-scale event management

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UCB’s Events Management students were treated to a masterclass on managing large-scale events by Chad Weir from Cognizance Media and Consulting and Focus Events, a digital marketer and event director with a wealth of experience within the industry. 

Chad, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, gave a series of guest lectures to both postgraduate MSc Global Meetings and Events and undergraduate BA and FdA Events Management students, encouraging them to find their strengths and make decisions. He spoke about the importance of standing your ground and doing your best for the projects you’re involved with. He also highlighted the importance of leading by example and the need to be creative and innovative. 

At the end of his presentations, Chad left the students with some key advice for a successful career in the industry: develop a broad understanding of events, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, plan for the unknown, focus on user-experience and stay on the cutting edge of technological developments. 

“There are two things I enjoy most about what I do,” said Chad. “The diversity of experiences that I have had producing so many varied events and the opportunities I have to create unique and creative experiences for others that might have a hugely positive impact on their lives. 

“More so than anything, I hope that the students took away the awareness that it is up to them to define what their future looks like and the inspiration to create a spectacular new construct for an event that will have a positive impact on our world."  

The feedback we have received from staff and students has been extremely positive, with many students commenting on how inspired they felt by meeting and hearing from Chad. One of our first year Foundation Events Management students even secured a job the same day by taking Chad’s advice and learning to be bold and ‘make the ask’. Chad has worked on a number of exciting international events projects including the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, the World Skills Show and TED Conferences. He offered the students a number of key ‘takeaways’ in terms of suggested recommendations and areas for their consideration in terms of their personal development and encouraging them to commit to setting and meeting their own personal ‘stretch’ goals.

Leila Edwards, Events Management Lecturer at UCB

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