June 2017

UCB student serves prize-winning poultry at British Turkey Student Chef competition

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Angelina Adamo, Professional Cookery student at UCB, has beaten tough competition from around the UK to come second in the British Turkey Student Chef of the Year Competition.

Hosted by UCB, the contest was a day-long event in which finalists were required to cook either a starter or a main course consisting of British Turkey under strict timed conditions. The dishes were judged by leading figures from across the catering industry, including Tony Fitt, Food and Drink director at West London’s Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, and Clay Burrows, Managing Director of Aviagen Turkeys Ltd.

As though that wasn’t enough pressure for Angelina and her fellow contestants, the rules of the final stated they must produce not one, but FOUR identical covers for judging, and all in front of both photographers and a professional film crew.

So, it was against all odds that Angelina managed to produce a carefully crafted dish (or four) of handmade turkey ravioli and butternut squash tea that stunned this years’ judges.

Mathew Shropshall, chef lecturer at UCB and Angelina’s mentor for the competition, confirmed her success was no mean feat – despite managing to keep any stress she felt at the time under wraps:

“It was a pleasure to mentor and support Angelina through this competition. She worked incredibly hard under the pressure on the day to maintain a professional approach and leave with a great award.”

John Penn, Assistant Dean at UCB’s College of Food, described the student as a “superstar”.

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