March 2015

UCB student is young UN global ambassador

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BA (Hons) Business Enterprise student Joe Margetts has been invited to attend the Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations (ThessISMUN) 2015 at The University of Macedonia in Greece.

Every year, ThessISMUN invites undergraduates and graduates from around the world for a five-day youth summit to simulate discussions between various bodies of the UN and regional organisations. The students assume the roles of ambassadors for their own country and share opinions and perspectives from different parts of the world.

ThessISMUN offers educational and personal experiences for students from a range of academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about the complexities of the world such as how international communities deal with economic and environmental concerns, human rights violations, disarmament, political conflicts and other global issues.

It also provides a forum where students can enhance their communication skills, learn about other countries, promote democracy, explore conflict resolutions and develop negotiations. It is an environment that prepares the new diplomats and future leaders of the world. 

I was invited to attend ThessISMUN because of the international network I’ve established through the La MANCHE project’s Young Leaders Academy. I have kept in touch with some of the delegates and I will meet up with them when I arrive in Greece. We will be working as a team to present topics for debate amongst all the UN ambassadors. I am really looking forward to the opportunity. I’m particularly interested in participating in discussions regarding international security and intelligence as I would like to pursue a career in this area when I graduate.

Joe Margetts

As well as discussing international topics and debating a range of contemporary issues, students will also get the chance to do some sightseeing around the capital and see important landmarks, explore museums, enjoy the nightlife and get to know one another in the traditional Greek way – over a table full of food and drink. 

The University is delighted to be supporting Joe as an official delegate in the 2015 ThessISMUN Young Leaders conference. Joe will join 400 student delegates from around the world in this mini United Nations youth summit, giving him a truly unique experience and reinforcing our desire to continually develop the UCB student international experience.

Melvyn Pryer, Director of International at UCB

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