November 2015

UCB's new autism society

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A UCB student is planning to launch a new society to help bring together other students on the autism spectrum. 

It is a proposed society for students with autism looking to get to know others in the University.

The society aims to create a safe atmosphere for students to meet and get to know one another socially. They can also share their personal experiences, challenges, outlooks and their ways of thinking. 

The society aims to be the voice of the autistic student community and raise awareness of their needs and help to advise on issues and offer support to those living with autism. 

"The inspiration for this society came from wanting to create a fun and easy way for autistic people to meet and make friends. When I first started at UCB, I found it difficult to find university friends on the spectrum. There was no central point to meet people similar to myself. I want to make it easier for autistic people to meet by being a part of a society. In my experience, I have found that establishing friendships with like-minded people means finding safety in what can be a very confusing world."

Adam Sutcliffe-Brown, BA Tourism Business Management student and founder of UCB's autism society

If you know a student who would be interested in joining the Autism Society, they can email for more information. They can also register their interest with the Academic Skills Centre on the 5th floor of Summer Row. 

The Academic Skills Centre also hosts an autism ‘drop-in’ on Friday afternoons 1pm–4pm in Summer Row campus, 5th floor in the library. It offers students both emotional and academic support.

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