December 2013

UCB Mentoring

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The university is seeking applications for UCB Mentors, who are paid to help students plot their path to undergraduate studies.

Mentors play an important role in helping post-16, further education students make the right decision about their future study and career plans.

Successful applicants receive full training and are paid £8 an hour. The university provides all the resources and support that mentors require in order to meet with students – between January and May – for a few hours a week.

Mentors can be studying any UCB higher education course and come from all educational backgrounds. The main requirement is that they commit to the whole programme and provide learners with an insight into university life and the application process. Mentoring might be on an individual basis or in groups.

As well as being paid, mentors develop key transferable skills, such as communication, planning and leadership, which appeal to prospective employers and build personal confidence. Being a mentor is engaging and fun and enhances CVs.

Although mentoring requires commitment, it is a flexible scheme and duties are fitted around students’ studies. At the end of the programme, mentors receive a certificate at a celebration event.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, January 15. Interviews take place in the week commencing January 19. Compulsory training takes place on Tuesday, January 28.

Applicants will be judged against criteria featured in the Person Specification document. Applications should be delivered to Personnel on the 3rd floor, Summer Row, or emailed to:  

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