November 2015

"UCB is a great place for international students to study tourism", says Estanis

Read time: approx 3 mins

Estanis Labernia Reverter is studying FdA Adventure Tourism Management and has big plans to take his skills and experience at UCB back to Spain to help boost the tourism economy. 

“I chose UCB because of the course they could offer me and the great variety of modules that will help me build my own business. The best part of my course is how digital it is; the modules really fit in with my future business plans and will invaluable to me when I return to my home country, Spain. 

“Everyone is very open-minded, helpful and organised at UCB and there is plenty of support for international students. The digital tools and resources provided for students are exceptional and lecturers upload their lectures for their students to download. As an international student, I am really grateful for this, as I often need to read things a few times in order to truly understand it, since English is not my first language. Reading lecture notes in my own time ensures that I absorb and understand the information and am well-prepared for my assignments. 

“During my studies, I have learned a few key lessons that will help ensure success in the tourism industry: you need to be efficient with money, be aware of the economy and remain open-minded and dynamic. In Spain, I have seen many hotels and independent tourism sites that are underused and undiscovered by the tourism market. After completing my degree, I want to create a website that promotes these places and puts them on the map, making them easier for tourists to find. 

“Spain offers great culture, great food, beautiful rural areas and plenty of tourism experiences to suit a wide range of people – whether they’re looking for city breaks or to get closer to nature. I want to be the connection between these little-known areas and the international tourism industry, bridging gaps in the market and promoting these areas and helping to market their services. I think there is a lot to capitalise on. 

“My advice to other students is to learn as much as you can and listen to the lecturers – they are very inspirational. One UCB lecturer in particular, Richard Fairer, really influenced me. He supported and encouraged me and opened my eyes to the international tourism industry. Some things are very different in the UK when compared to Spain, but UCB is a very helpful university, has great English language support and I feel comfortable here. 

“I would advise those interested in going into the tourism industry to focus in one sector that you enjoy. If you love what you do and have passion, the money and security will always follow later. Tourism is an important international factor for all countries and there are so many opportunities within the industry to take advantage of.”

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