July 2015

UCB hosts celebrity chef 'Taste it Don't Waste it' competition

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The University hosted a celebrity cook-off event in order to help raise awareness of how households can save money by using leftover food to create delicious meals. 

The event, hosted by TV chef Brian Turner CBE, saw restaurant chefs Luke Tipping of Simpsons and Aktar Islam of Lasan go head-to-head to see who could produce the best meals from a selection of leftover foods typically thrown away by Birmingham families.

UCB Culinary Arts Management students were there to assist the chefs in their race against the clock to create the most creative dishes. 

After a heated battle, Aktar Islam emerged victorious, creating three dishes from a selection of ingredients including pork, sausages, jersey royal potatoes and cola. 

Brian Turner, CBE, said:

"Managing food waste is a big issue in the catering industry but many people don’t realise that just a few simple tips and pointers can dramatically reduce how much food they chuck out at home. I was impressed to see how these two great local chefs showed how a bit of creativity can turn leftovers into culinary treats."

Brian Turner, CBE

Winners and runners up of the ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ UCB student challenge Sumaiyah, Ezen and Amy-Louise served their best finger food recipes to food waste prevention businesses and community leaders, demonstrating their own flair for compiling original recipes from leftover ingredients. 

The ‘Taste it Don’t Waste it’ competition is part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, supported by Central England Co-operative and Birmingham City Council.

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