October 2015

UCB holds Food Launch event to promote new GCSE

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UCB worked with the Food Teacher’s Centre to host a special GCSE Food Launch event in preparation for the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, which will be taught in schools as of September 2016. 

The emphasis of this new qualification is on the development and practice of culinary skills with a range of foods as well as specific methods and recipes. Pupils will be encouraged to appreciate different food cultures and learn about international cuisine.  

Underpinning the practical skills is knowledge of food production, nutrition and food science, giving pupils a rounded experience in food, health and hygiene and encouraging them to take an interest in future careers within the industry. 

The event provided an opportunity for food teachers from around the country to learn about the new GCSE. In the morning, delegates received presentations and workshops from all the major awarding bodies about the qualification specifications, guidance and the support on offer. 

The afternoon offered a series of workshops related to food preparation and nutrition, some of which focused on the practical skills involved. These were led by talented UCB chef lecturers Mat Shropshall, Adam Pickett and Rod Burton who ran workshops on preparing meat, fish and Greek cuisine. 

The workshops gave teachers the opportunity to spend time in UCB’s state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, which everyone was very complimentary about. They commented on the high quality learning and working environments at the university. 

"We received many very positive comments from teachers and awarding bodies about how valuable they considered the conference to be, with 90% of the attendees rating the event as very good or excellent. Everyone was very impressed with UCBs Food Science and Innovation Suite and teaching rooms and the organisers were delighted with the overall outcome."

Mandy Lloyd, Food lecturer at UCB

Food Teacher’s Centre provides a platform to exchange best practice and give advice and support to teachers. It is a one-stop shop for teaching professionals seeking help and information.

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