April 2015

UCB graduates share their confectionery experience

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Two UCB alumni have returned to the university’s bakery in order to share their skills with current students. 

Martin Raybould and Abbie Rowley, who studied Bakery at UCB, are now apprentices for the multinational confectionery company Mondelez International. 

The young confectioners were eager to share their experience in an industry factory with current students and help to teach them new techniques. As a result, students had a go at creating their own Mondelez ‘Marvellous Creations’ inclusion bar, tempering the chocolate and selecting their own ‘extras’ from a range of inclusions. 

Everyone also tried their hand at making chocolate ganache, taking into consideration portions, ratio and temperature, and looking at related techniques such as shelling. 

Both Martin and Abbie are now RD&Q Technicians (Research, Development and Quality) and work in a Mondelez mini-factory where they experiment with different flavours and techniques for new products or adapting existing products based on design briefs and ideas. 

“Our job role includes supporting development and working on projects and trials,” said Martin. “At the moment I’m doing some work involving the Wispa chocolate bar, looking at ways in which we can change the recipe.” 

“We put ideas into action and help to develop thousands of prototypes and samples to be sent out and tested,” said Abbie. “We have learned techniques such as artisan methods, mass production processes as well as quality assurance and food safety.” 

Martin and Abbie have been working at Mondelez since September 2014 and are on a two-year programme that results in a Level 3 FDQ diploma in Food Industry and the opportunity to continue their professional career with them.

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