July 2015

UCB alumni Vuly opens her own hotel in The Maldives

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MA Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism alumni Vuly Nazim has opened up her own beachfront boutique hotel in Hulhumalé in The Maldives. 

“My husband and I opened our beach hotel, Hotel78, back in April this year. It’s a short drive from Ibrahim Nasir International airport with a view of The Maldives’ famous white-sand beaches and clear waters. We invite our guests to relax with us, but we also offer activities such as snorkelling, diving and fishing should they want a little more adventure. 

“Our vision at Hotel78 is to bring a unique and classic hospitality experience to all our customers, deliver tailored service and exceed all expectations. 

“The hotel is doing very well. I am facing the usual obstacles that occur shortly after opening this kind of establishment, but I am overcoming them. What I love most about running a hotel is that I get to be my own boss and create a relaxing, memorable experience for my guests.” 

Vuly recommends UCB not only for its high quality Hospitality and Tourism courses but also because of its welcoming and diverse environment. 

“The university has a reputation for being very multi-cultural and I found Birmingham to be a very student-friendly city. Looking back on my time at UCB, I found my lecturers to be very knowledgeable and the courses provide plenty of opportunities for work experience and participating in live projects. 

“Studying at UCB means that I have made lifelong friends from all over the world. The staff are very supportive and make a real effort to ensure overseas students feel welcome and help them adjust to living in the UK.

“UCB changed my life and I hope that by sharing my story I can inspire more students to pursue their ideal careers. My advice to them would be to do what you love and enjoy your work. Life is too short to be doing something you don’t love.” 

For more information on Vuly’s hotel, please visit their website or visitHotel78 on booking.com.

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