May 2014

Tourism students take guests around the world

Read time: approx 1 mins

International Tourism Management students hosted a tourism exhibition covering countries from around the world. 

First year students were each given a country to research in depth and were asked to present their findings in the form of an exhibition. They had to look at a range of socio-cultural and economic factors and take these into consideration when providing a detailed information poster suitable for tourists. 

Students Rutendo Nembaware and La-Shawn Williams acted as hosts for the event, greeting guests at the door and giving them a brief but informative overview of their tourism research – much like an international industry tour guide would be expected to do. 

Neil Porteous, Module Leader, said: “Academic posters provide students with an opportunity to express their findings in a particularly creative way, which is different to the traditional essay and report format.” 

The group also included Erasmus students Una Savchenko, from Latvia, Celene Louy, from France, and Milda Blazaityte and Justina Ramaneckaite – both from Lithuania. 

The Erasmus students enjoyed creating the posters – it was something they wouldn’t have done at universities at home. Their posters were all very informative and very well-researched.

Lynn Wain Erasmus Assistant

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