May 2015

Tourism students take a trip to Venice

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Tourism management students carried out assessments and primary research on a field trip to Venice. 

The second-year Tourism Business Management and International Tourism Management undergraduates used feasibility studies to look at ways of developing a new or existing visitor attraction from a sustainable perspective. 

The students considered how Venice recreates cultural experiences for tourists and how it markets the city’s famous attractions, such as gondola rides along the canals. 

The remit for International Tourism Management students was to investigate the management of visitors in a particular area of Venice. They could choose to monitor a destination, a transport provider, a particular attraction or another tourism facility and suggest improvements whilst acknowledging planning and development processes at different government levels.  

This trip allowed students to see the cultural and tourism aspects of Venice first-hand and how tourism destinations are promoted within the country. It also allowed them to compare various destinations and undertake the type of assessments and techniques that are used to gauge the success of a variety of tourism sites.

Patricia Geraldo De Lima, UCB tourism lecturer

With more than 47.7 million tourists a year, Italy is one of the world’s biggest tourist earners.

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