September 2014

The search for the UCB Apprentice

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BA Business Enterprise students were hoping to hear the magic words “You’re hired!” from billionaire business tycoon Sir Terence Trumpalot. 

The third year students were off to a flying start by participating in an enrichment day inspired by the well-known television show The Apprentice

Split into seven teams, the budding entrepreneurs came up with a name for their ‘company’ and designed a brand and promotional slogan. They were then set a series of fast-paced business tasks to prove to Sir Terence and his team that they had what it took to become the next UCB Apprentice. 

The challenges included designing, producing and marketing a new item of clothing, creating an influential corporate calendar and bartering for a list of items with a budget of £20 (with the hope of returning with change). They then presented their results to the room and put themselves at the mercy of Sir Terence’s sharp eye and even sharper tongue. 

These challenges were designed to push the teams’ skills and creative thinking to the limit. It encouraged them to think on their feet, work as a team and consider the challenges and demands that real-life companies face on a daily basis in order to remain competitive.

Annamarie Dufficy, UCB Business lecturer, said: “This was a great enrichment exercise for our third year students. They really bonded over the tasks they were set and we got to see their natural entrepreneurial skills put into practice. 

“The students worked very well in their groups, demonstrating the knowledge and techniques they have learnt during their course. They also got to know new people and have fun together.” 

At the end of the day, the team that Sir Terence took onto his payroll was Fresh Wave for their excellent teamwork, innovative designs and being able to complete all the tasks on time. 

Student feedback on the day was very positive: 

“I hadn’t done anything like this before, and I really enjoyed it.”

Mauawiyah Aussan  

“I bonded with my group and we learnt about the business world. We all had a lot of fun.”

Kevin Puzon  

“The best part was when we went shopping and had to buy all the items for £20. It was something different, and it was great to meet Sir Terence!”

Shuhel Ahmed

“It was a great day and I made a lot of good friends. I really enjoyed working with everyone – I had a lot of fun.”

Cindee Mitchell

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