January 2015

The honeymoon is never over for tourism graduate Marius

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Marius Tudor is using the tourism knowledge and skills he learned at University College Birmingham to help romantic dreams come true. 

Marius, who graduated with a degree in Tourism Business Management, now works in the travel industry, specialising in arranging overseas weddings and honeymoons. 

He works with a team of experienced wedding and honeymoon specialists at Staffordshire-based Perfect Weddings & Honeymoons Ltd, which includes the brands Perfect Weddings Abroad and Perfect Honeymoons Abroad.  

We help couples organise their wedding and honeymoon overseas, take care of theirs and their wedding guests’ travel arrangements and provide specialist advice on planning that special moment in their life.


The role is varied and Marius’s work includes marketing, advertising and aspects of the online business including e-newsletters and company websites. He helps clients with questions about their wedding and honeymoon plans and is being trained to work in sales, specialising in wedding events in Mexico. 

Marius, who graduated in 2013, says his studies at UCB meant he was well prepared for working in the industry. Degree modules showed how theory could be put into practice in the travel and tourism industries. 

The course itself was always challenging as we were learning so many new details about an industry I knew so little about, in a language that wasn’t native to me, in a completely new country with a different economy and sharing the experience with people from all over the globe. I adapted to all of this quickly, mainly because I liked every single aspect of it. I think the real challenge was to learn to manage to combine work and study. That took me a while to master and I think it really helped me grow and discipline myself.


Asked why he would recommend UCB to prospective students, Marius says: “It has the perfect blend between highly, accredited academic results and the location to transform those results into the job you want. 

“Unlike other universities, UCB focuses on fewer courses, therefore, the results are amazing within those fields. If you know what you want to do in life, I see no reason why anyone would go somewhere else.” 

Studying tourism at UCB requires hard work, says Marius, but it is “extremely rewarding.” He suggests undergraduates should get work experience to improve their employment prospects although it is important to get the balance with academic studies right. 

“Always put your course first and make sure you find a workplace that understands and respects that,” warns Marius. “Once you have that figured out, the work experience will blend in perfectly with your studies and you will graduate not just quoting some authors but also having experienced some of those theories first-hand.”

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