May 2014

The circus comes to UCB

Read time: approx 1 mins

Specialist Hair & Media Make-up students turned an open day into a circus as part of a creative showcase module. 

The Level 5 students had to apply creative and practical skills to produce a full style showcase. They had to conduct research into planning and managing the event, as well as managing their budget and promoting the event. 

On the day of their photo shoot, which coincided with a UCB open day, the students transformed a studio into a circus tent and made their whole operation seem like a ‘behind the scenes’ event. Since their chosen theme was based on the circus, each student sourced their own models and dressed them as classic big top acts: a ringmaster, fortune teller, magician, clowns, showgirl, and mime artist. The group designed all the costumes and make-up. 

The group worked very hard to make their showcase successful, and it helped to sharpen their creative skills and business acumen for future employment. Working on promotional activities like this also encourages students to build their own contacts and networks within the industry.

Nikki Aves Specialist Hair & Media Make-up lecturer

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