September 2013

Tajinder's tourism dream inspired by a Wonder of the World

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UCB graduate Tajinder Chaudhry has launched an international tourism business after being inspired by one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

As part of his MA dissertation, Tajinder looked into the feasibility of running bespoke tours to the Taj Mahal in Agra, India for disabled tourists.

The university is renowned for the vocational character of its courses and as Tajinder looked further into his new tourism concept he became convinced he had the foundations of an exciting new business.

He was able to examine the entrepreneurial proposition for six months during his dissertation and carried out extensive research in India once he completed his studies, gaining an MA in Tourism Business Administration.

Tajinder, from India, then returned to Birmingham to set up Able Journeys in Hockley, just a mile from where he studied at UCB.

I started to look for a niche that the big companies didn’t cater for. Big companies look for volume so they haven’t really got into this area of specialised tourism.

Tajinder Chaudhry

Tajinder was able to use his contacts in India to develop holiday packages for tourists with hearing and sight disabilities and complex physical conditions. As a “complete destination management company,” Able Journeys arranges every aspect of a holiday, including transport and accommodation, for clients who might ordinarily rule out a long-haul excursion due to the practical difficulties. Day-by-day itineraries ensure all eventualities are covered, including dietary requirements, attendants and medical assistance.

Even a dialysis patient was able to visit the famous Golden Triangle, taking in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, thanks to detailed planning by Able Journeys. 

My own grandmother is in a wheelchair and I have worked as a carer for her in the past. I had some experience of what disabled people need when they travel. I also had experience of tourism and I wanted to bring the two interests together.

Tajinder Chaudhry

It was thanks to Tajinder’s links with UCB that he was accepted on to the regional BSEEN initiative for young entrepreneurs. The project gave him access to enterprise incubation space and mentoring support during the launch phase of Able Journeys.

Able Journeys ( is looking to promote new destinations to travellers with disabilities. Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai and Australia are on the radar and Tajinder is particularly excited about exploring opportunities in South Africa.

I want to give our customers a unique experience. A lot of clients have told me they want to go on jungle safaris with modified vehicles, so we are looking into that.

Tajinder Chaudhry

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