May 2014

Sweet reward for hard-working students

Read time: approx 1 mins

Hard-working professional cookery students were rewarded for the commitment during the year with a chocolate masterclass staged by top pastry chef Will Torrent.

The Level 3 group attended the day-long session and gained a fascinating insight into the creation of chocolatier-standard truffles.

Will, an ambassador for French chocolate brand Cacao Barry, gave the students a hands-on demonstration of some of the latest innovative techniques and flavours being used in the industry.

The participants were then invited to make their own truffles based on four flavour combinations: strawberry and balsamic vinegar; raspberry and rose; salted muscovado; and a modern take on hazelnut crunch.

They also produced an edible petit-four stand made of… chocolate, of course.

Will said: “It is about taking modern chocolate to a new level and making chocolatier truffles. We are using specific new moulds and using new flavour combinations.

“The students are taking classic trends, like salted caramel, and putting a new twist on it.”

Will, who is a consultant for Waitrose, revealed that his favourite dark chocolate is from the Dominican Republic – while it is Ghana when it comes to milk chocolate.

He said: “The Dominican Republic will naturally have red, fruity tones, like raspberry, cherry and plums. Ghana chocolate is all about roasted hazelnut, caramel and unripe bananas.”

Will praised the students for their chocolate craft and said the truffles would not look out of place in a boutique shop.

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