April 2016

Supercook Sanjeev Kapoor praises UCB chef training

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Indian supercook Sanjeev Kapoor made a special visit to University College Birmingham – and hailed it a place where culinary dreams come true.

Kapoor, one of the world’s most successful celebrity chefs, emjoyed a tour of UCB’s training facilities at the end of a family holiday in England. He saw the University’s showpiece Food Innovation Suite, watched a class prepare chicken chasseur for an assessment and visited the young kitchen brigade before a dinner service in The Atrium restaurant.

Kapoor also dropped in at the University’s Bocuse d’Or kitchen where chef lecturer Anthony Wright is in training for the world’s most prestigious culinary competition. Chef Wright is representing the UK in the Bocuse d’Or and takes part in the European qualifier in Hungary next month.

Kapoor, known to millions of viewers as a TV host and MasterChef India judge, said he had no idea of the size and quality of UCB’s chef training provision, which compared with the best in the world.

“I didn’t expect the centre of Birmingham to have something like this, of this scale and quality. There is a focus on excellence,” said Kapoor.

“If the University is focusing on Bocuse d’Or, its sights are set at the best in the world. Any student comes in on Day 1 and knows the University is the top of the world.

“It is important to dream as a professional. When someone comes here they have the ability to see a global dream and that is fantastic. The University enables them to fulfil their dreams.”

Kapoor, who was accompanied by Paramus Education, said he would encourage India culinary students to explore links with institutions like UCB to boost their experience and skills.

“I think any professional exposure is the biggest thing. The best way to learn about food is through exposure – the exchange of cultures, meeting international students and knowing about international standards is great learning. It would be good for students from India to learn from here,” said the chef.

Kapoor said the English have a great love of curry and international food and could learn much from Indian about authentic cuisine and taste. “I see it as mutually beneficial,” he added.

Kapoor will attend the Hospitality Convention in Mumbai on August 21, which is due to be attended by more than 1,000 hospitality students. UCB culinary and tourism experts will participate in the convention and help to showcase the opportunities in the hospitality, hotel management, events management and travel and tourism industries.

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